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Path to Admissions

College Counseling for high school students


The class of 2021 is FULL

Very limited openings avail for 2022

Details about our practice


Path to Admissions accepts all forms of payment. 


We don't offer them. Path to Admission counselors cannot and will not make any guarantee of admission to any university. Scholarship monies are never guaranteed. We will not call admission representative and lobby directly for admission for a student. Counselors will advise, give guidance and help you to understand the admission process. 

Standards of Practice

Path to Admission counselors voluntarily adhere to the Standards of Good Practice as set by the National Association of College Admission Counselors


We will not write or rewrite college essays. We provide help with ideas, direction and interpretation of essay prompts. All essays submitted to the school will be the student's work and responsibility.


All client information, both business and personal, is considered to be confidential in nature and will not be discussed outside a client meeting unless you have given permission. 


Face to face meetings are generally in the northwest part of Austin. Initial meetings are at the Barnes and Noble cafe either in the Arboretum (183/360) or at the Lakeline (183/620) location. All other student work meetings are done through state of the art conference software.