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Path to Admissions

College Counseling for high school students


We try hard to provide a variety of options that make college counseling affordable for all. The goal is to help families and students feel comfortable and less stressed going through the admission process. If you have questions about any of the following services, please just ask. 

Fees for students in class of 2022


Hourly Fee- $150


$150.00 for initial or ongoing hourly consultations with students at any age. These hours can be pre-purchased in groups. These hours are for face to face OR virtual meetings with parents or students. This time could be used for parent questions, specific review of applications, discussion of financial aid or scholarship opportunities. It does not include time for research or work done out of the meeting by the consultant. It will NOT include keeping students on deadline, making sure students are completing applications (ie: sending transcripts and scores and letters of recommendation), or following up with students to make sure submissions are complete. These services are provided under our various global programs.

Global Program- $3000

We work with your family and student to do it all. Areas of interest and career discussion, suggestion of schools to consider, help with applications and freshman scholarships, essay brainstorming and review. We like to start with students as they begin junior year of high school and stay with them through the entire process during their senior year. Student will be offered opportunity to complete the YouScience aptitude assessment. Enrollment in this program is limited so that individual attention can be given. Limit of 8 total schools. Includes up to 15 student meetings and all application portals. Best value.

Texas Plus Program- $2200

 Meant for students who are primarily looking at Texas but might want to include one or two out of state schools. Limit of 6 schools. This primarily includes support for ApplyTexas and Common Application schools. Specifically excluded: Univ. of California common app and the Coalition app. It also includes research and guidance of possible majors and schools; communications with emails and text messaging.  Includes up to 8 student meetings. Most popular.

Aptitude assessment -$150

We utilize YouScience's online aptitude assessment. After completing the assessment your student will have access to downloadable reports and suggestions of future majors and careers. Included in both comprehensive plans.

Personalized College List - $500

We collect information about your student, go through a questionnaire of interests and present a detailed list of possible schools to consider and why.  High school juniors and seniors.   Offered as an additional service to hourly students. Included with packages and programs.


Essay Editing Only

Lisa Maas provides the Path to Admissions essay service. She has excellent insight as to what colleges are wanting to see in essays and will work with your student to edit drafts until they are ready to submit. Please contact her for pricing as it is variable on number and type of essays needed.